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Houseblingers and the Environment

All activities that human beings take part in have an impact on the planet that we all share. Houseblingers are no exception: the lights that are used to decorate houses use energy and, as with any use of energy, there are consequences for the environment. This, of course, has to be balanced against the pleasure houseblingers bring to others by their spectacular light displays. In addition, frequently collections are made by the householders for charity which, again, helps others.

Here are a few suggestions that houseblingers should consider to improve their impact on the environment:

1. Use LED Christmas lights for a display where possible. WiseGeek have some useful information on this.

2. Remember to switch them all off during the day and when you go to bed.

3. Switch your energy supplier to one that uses 100% renewable energy, e.g.

Some streets with a lot of houseblings can attract many visitors, causing traffic jams and annoyance to neighbours. We recommend that visitors to these places proceed sensitively (on foot or by bike) – or just look at them on this website.


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Safe as houses
Here's some safety advice from Halifax General Insurance. And take a look at RoSPA's page on Christmas light safety.

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